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Welcome to our selection of holiday rentals in Lisbon.

Lisbon is Portugalís capital and itís largest city. Lisbon is rich in history and culture; the area that the city is located has been lived in since the Neolithic era around 10,000 years ago by Iberians and has since been occupied by Celts, Romans and Moors. A few buildings in Lisbon today are from these later periods and there have been artifacts discovered from Iberian settlements. Because of the devastating earthquake in 1755, Lisbon was mostly destroyed with practically all priceless works of art, historic buildings and important documents lost as were countless human lives - the royal family at the time managed to escape unharmed through chance; by being away from the city beforehand. This earthquake was the largest disaster in the history of Portugal and caused more damage than any war waged in the country before or since. The political consequences that followed continued to be felt for many decades later as Lisbon was being rebuilt. It is extremely fortunate that anything from the time before the earthquake happened still stands in Lisbon today, but many of these buildings remain in ruins.

Present day Lisbon is a much more well adjusted city, the rebuilding has long since surpassed the size Lisbon was in 1755, continuing to grow and expand to meet increasing demands. There are many districts within Lisbon that are almost like small towns by themselves. Approximately two million tourists visit Lisbon on a yearly basis and almost three million live in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. Needless to say, it can be crowded at times but there is so much to see and do that there is always somewhere that has fewer crowds. Like in many capital cities, it can be overwhelming for a single tourist or family to find their way around the first time especially since Lisbon lies on a large hill. If you're staying in Lisbon itself, its best to just familiarise yourself with the area your accommodation is in first and then you may want to explore further. Its not recommended to be driving around Lisbon as there is a lot of traffic, but there are plenty of public transportation options available to take you to other areas in the city.

The districts are widely varied. There are those that specialise in culture and elegance, others that can be considered the old town districts, several that are mainly residential areas plus those that are industrial or business orientated. All have their own style of restaurants, attractions and places to shop to match the theme. It would be beneficial for visitors staying in Lisbon to choose their accommodation based on the district they are located in or close by to get the most out of their stay. Bairro Alto may be an ideal district for tourists to make one of their first stops; it specialises in shopping and entertainment. There are many trendy restaurants, bars, nightclubs and shops in the area suitable for young people. During the day, Bairro is a regular friendly shopping district with several chain stores of various goods. You will always be able to find something you want to buy and a place to eat that suits you perfectly. Bairro undergoes a transformation after dark and becomes an almost different place entirely. Gone is the quiet friendly nature of the day, replaced by loud music and even louder drinkers spilling out into the narrow streets; its fun to visit after dark if you are into the nightlife scene, rarely getting too rowdy. Bairro is well known locally as being home to various different youth cultures and the main place to visit for Lisbon's nightlife.

Lisbon also has its own beaches that are widely acknowledged as being the best that Portugal has to offer. These aren't too far away from the city centre but because itís a large city, it will be best to get public transportation to them for your convenience if your accommodation isn't situated within walking distance. The beaches are quite beautiful with many services and facilities located close by; ideal for the whole family from young children to watersports enthusiasts and sunbathing devotees.

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   Lisbon city in very good location and central SLEEPS : 3     
apartement\ open space very charming...


   Lisbon City SLEEPS : 2     
Two Independant Double BedRooms and BathRoom...


   Lisbon city SLEEPS : 5     
Lovely appartment to rent in Lisbon-close to all major attractions...